Fastest Way to Get Rid of Indianapolis Mice

Indianapolis mice come near human dwellings for food and shelter. They often enter just before the onslaught of winter to seek protection. The best way of getting rid of mice is by not allowing them in. They multiply at an alarming rate and even if one mouse enters it is time to take action. Good homemakers start preparatory work and plan strategy to avoid the entry of these pests. Methods to make your house mouse proof involves in blocking their path of entry and source of food. Repellents can also be effective. If, you are already in a situation of mice infestation you will have to get rid of them. The fastest and surest way of getting rid of mice is using traps and poisons.

Poisons generally act immediately and are used by many. Making the decision to use bait poison is a difficult one. It is considered an inhumane way. Some precautionary measures must be followed if you are using bait poison.
• Keep bait in sealed stations.
• Keep them behind the refrigerator, under cabinets or other hidden corners.
• Wear gloves when handling poisons. Dispose gloves after use and wash your hands thoroughly.
• Extra bait containers or poison must be stored in a safe place and properly labeled. It must be kept out of reach of children and pets.
• Poison is usually used indoors only. Never outdoors where it can be eaten by pets (yours or neighbor’s).

Mouse traps are effective. The number of traps used depends on the infestation. Traps have to be placed in areas where Indiana mice live. An easy indication is the area where droppings are found. Mice are shy creatures and live in hidden parts of your home. Behind the refrigerator, under cabinets and furniture, corners etc are ideal places. If the bait is untouched then you may have to use fresh bait and change the location. Cheap and effective traps are available. These traps can be reused which makes it economical in the long run. Some popular traps available are
• PETA Humane “Smart” Indianapolis Mouse trap: It is made of plastic and easy to use. It is also reusable and you can catch and release mice without handling them.
• Havahart 1020 Two door cage trap: The mice can enter from either end of the cage. It can hold up to one pound. So, many mice can be caught. They can be used indoors or outdoors.
• The Victor Electronic Mousetrap is quick, clean and effective. They are easy to set and the electric shock kills the Indiana mouse in a quick and humane way

If you are using traps, remember to check them at least, twice a day. If they are live traps do not keep them in direct sunlight. It becomes very hot for the mice when caught. Other traps made of plastic may cause the mouse to suffocate if left inside for a long time. Traps with dead Indianapolis mice also have to cleaned soon to prevent stench and bacteria build up and

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