Do Indianapolis Rats Come Out in Light?

Sometimes you may not see them, but Indianapolis rats already making your house their den. These uninvited guests can easily become nuisances as they can chew on almost everything including woods, bricks, electrical wirings and cables. They are potential fire hazards and can cause significant damages to your garden, furniture and clothing. They are also well-known to be vector carriers of various diseases and infections.

Here are some of the known diseases which are attributed to the Indiana rats:
• Bubonic plague
• Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome
• Leptospirosis
• Rat-Bite Fever
• Salmonellosis

Most homeowners may not have any idea about Indianapolis rat infestations inside their home until the problem becomes so obvious and the number of rats have grown extensively. Rats generally do all they can to avoid an encounter with humans. They also tend to hide away during day time and are only mostly out at night when the humans typically go to bed. These are some of the reasons why many house owners do not realize that they are already having problems with rats. Do you hear scratching and squeaking noises coming from your attic specially late at night? Chances are you are not just hearing imaginary noises, the pesky Indiana rats are probably up all night long to scavenge for their food. Rats are by nature nocturnal animals such as the owls, beavers, coyotes, and opossums. These critters will usually sleep up to 15 hours in the broad daylight. They wake up at night time to go about their business of hunting food for their survival.

Can Rats See During The Daytime?
Unlike most of their nocturnal animal counterparts though, Indianapolis rats can actually see well enough at day time also. Though they prefer to sleep during the day, they also don't seem to have any problem waking up during the day. This is the case specially if the food is scarce and they need to double their effort and forage for food at daylight time. If needed, rats will have no issue coming out in the light.

Why Rats Prefer to Be Out During The Night Time
Aside from being normally more active during the night time specifically around dusk or towards the dawn hours , tiny Indiana rats are also wise creatures. They are aware that due to their smaller sizes, they can easily fall as preys to other animals larger than their size. This is also basically why most of the time rats prefer to be out during the night. At night, most of their predators are likely asleep which include the human beings. The dark surroundings also offer them the benefit to blend in so other animals could not easily detect their presence. Rats find a sort of natural protection in the darkness and use it to their advantage so they can quickly look for their food without facing so much difficulty from dealing with a lot of predators. Additionally, their sensitive sense of smell also aid in their search for food even if it is so dark at night. Their keen sense of smell along with their agility are just one of the abilities of the rats making them quite a bit of a challenge to handle.

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